1989 Squier by Fender made in the Ibanez factory

Here is electric diagram & parts list for our guitars Fender-Guitar-Electric.pdf

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1989 Squier by Fender made in the Ibanez factory
Blue and Red crackel finish
Floyd-Rose licensed tremelo bar
H/S/H dual humbucker pickup configuration

Here is electric diagram & parts list for our guitars Fender-Guitar-Electric.pdf
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This is really cool. Somebody else in the world has the same guitar as I!!! And kind enough to send pictures, I love the WWW...

Subject: squier 1989

Hello !

I happen to own exactly the same guitar as yours - also with the red/blue crackle finish !

I bought it in year 2000 in a second-hand store for 250 euros (around 170 USD). I had quite a lot of work for restringing, as the Floyd Rose had been raised too high due to too much string tension ... fortunately I managed to make things right again, there was no damage at all. Ever since this guitar has been pure pleasure - I have played a lot of electrics, but this one's still my favourite. Playability, tone and comfort are just what I expect.

I have wondered quite a lot about this guitar ... for I didn't know exactly what model it was, and from the serial number I would only find out that it was made in 1989 (like yours). So I thank you much for the hints on your page !

Overall I think it's just a great guitar which I was lucky enough to buy for a moderate price and in good condition. Maybe what I'll do is change the pickups in the future, though they still work quite well.

I enclose two pictures of my HM3.


from Athus, Belgium

Here is a link where they talk a little about these guitars:  http://www.fenderforum.com/forum.html?db=&topic_number=534359&lastpost=2005-12-1401:38:37


Some Communication Regarding These Guitars.

Hopefully More Info will be found


Hi Rob.  Yes I have similar questions about my guitar.  I visited many music shops asking people about it.  One individual seemed to recognize the guitar immediately and told me about it being made in the Ibanez factory.  He said that in the late 80's Fender desired to upgrade the quality status of the squier name and made some high end models for a while.  He and others also said that there are a few massive guitar factories in the world that most of the major manufactures use.  These upgraded Squiers happened to be created at the same location Ibanez used.    I will give you some communications that I have had because of my guitars presence on the web.  Others have had similar questions also.  I have one of my own:  where was your guitar when you found/bought it?  How much was the purchase price?  (Was it a "friendly" deal where you got it for nearly nothing, or did you buy it at a store?) also, I have never heard of the  headstock refered to as "sharktooth" which is a good description, but where did you get that term? Thanks!


Here is the communication I had....hope it helps!


(Part 3)

actually found a couple of things.  It looks identical and it is probably a Squier HM3 model.  The only weird thing is that every thing on the web about an HM3 is white.  Here is a site with one.  This guy named his HM3 "Icewing."  Scroll down till you find it.

http://www.altrion.org/guitars.html  There are two reviews of an HM3 on Harmony Central, both are white.  One believes his guitar was made in

86-87 which doesn't seem to make sense with our guitars.  I found one for sale last night and it states in the ad that it was Fender's answer to the Ibanez Sabre.  You are right it looks more like an Ibanez than a Fender.  http://www.smitsparts.com/gfs.htm.  Here is a pic of an Ibanez Sabre, look at the 540 models.  http://www.smitsparts.com/gfs.htm.

            As for being made in an Ibanez factory, I believe that is somewhat true but a little off.  Almost all asian made guitars are made by two companies.  Most guitar companies license their guitars through those two companies.  Samick is one and it makes Epiphones.  The other is Cort and they make Fenders, Ibanez's and at one point BC Rich's.  Most likely any of these Ibanez's and Squiers were made in the same Cort facility.  All that I have written here is about all the knowledge I can come by from the web.  You actually got an owner's manual, I wasn't so fortunate.  I downloaded one from the Squier site and it is like yours, completely useless in terms of specifics.  My original buying price for that guitar was $450 when it was new.  I would hate to think that I spent $450 on pretty plywood but my knowledge about guitar woods fifteen years ago was nothing.  I read somewhere that the Squier II's were made of plywood so hopefully that means that ours was made of something better.  I have seen Squier HM's hold their value pretty well.  Most people who own them love them and I certainly love the feel and the sound of mine.  This site has a few HM strats and you will notice that they are a little similar but still different.  They list a gray one like the one above that looks like ours.  They call it a Squier HM and they have it listed for $400.

Anyway, hope this helps and if I find out more I will let you know. 








(Part 2)

On Sun, 11 Dec 22:32:42 -0800 "Lavath" <lavath@hotmail.com> writes:

> WOW! I am shocked and amazed that ANYONE else has this guitar...(well

> not too much since fender is a massively huge company many must have

> been sold) But still I am shocked and amazed that you have this guitar

> and have sent me pictures of it!

> I have maintained that you can find ANYTHING on the www, however after

> searching for a few years... (of course on and off again) I was NEVER

> able to find a single picture of these guitars, MUCH LESS any

> information or specs.  It was not from a lack of trying, as I have

> visited music stores with the guitar to ask about it.  That is how I

> found out that It

> *supposedly* was made in an Ibanez factory, I guess that jives, since

> these guitars do have a decidedly un-fenderish quality about the

> pointed head and rounded body ... Its just a few peoples word on this,

> I have not been able to get any solid information, nor information

> contradicting this.  I have all original paperwork and tags

> unfortunately the user manual says "SQUIER AND SQUIER II GUITARS AND

> BASSES" and as such is woefully generic.

> The only

> hint that the manual is intended for my guitar is where it states:


> "Locking Tremolo System

> Some models have a Floyd Rose licensed locking tremolo system that is

> somewhat different from standard Floyd Rose systems...." and describes

> how to use said systems."

> I was thinking; what about disassembling the guitar, could you

> discover the method of construction; could you see the grain of the

> wood, or conglormiate used?  I wonder if simply taking the inspection

> covers off would give a cross section?  I have done this before, but

> it has been years and I don't remember what I saw, except the springs

> for the tremolo.  What about taking the neck off?  Perhaps you would

> get a good look...

> I have also done searches based on serial number to no avail.  I

> suggest that contacting Fender, and Ibanez may yield results.  If you

> find anything PLEASE let me know!




(PART 1)

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> From: Paul

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> Subject: Your 1989 Squier


> I happen to have that same guitar minus the cool paint job.  I bought

> mine new about fifteen years ago.  I have been trying to find out some

> info on this guitar, especially the body wood.  I have seen guesses

> anywhere from plywood to alder.  I hope it's not plywood and I would

> be shocked if it were Alder my guess is basswood.  Do you know

> anything about the specs?

> Also, do

> you actually know what model Squier this is?

> Most people seem to guess an HM model but it doesn't quite fit an HM

> that I have seen at least in the terms of the pickups.  Again, any

> info would be greatly appreciated.



> Thanks,


> Paul



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From: Rob

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Subject: Squier/Ibanez Guitar pictures


Hey I found the pictures of your red/blue crackle squier on google. http://www.thatmetalbox.com/squier/index.htm  I bought the exact same guitar used the other day and can't seem to figure out anything about it.  I know mine is a 1989 from the serial number, but I was wondering if you had any proof of it being made at ibanez?


I'm looking for anything you might have, since you bought it new, be it a series, version, model, etc.  I've seen similar guitars in an HM (heavy

metal) series from the late 80s, but can't find anything officially about this guitar with the sharktooth headstock and thinline/rounded body.


Let me know if you know anything or have other links as to where it might have originated and what specific model it is.





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